Why you need an Applicant Tracking System

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An applicant management system is a software application that enables employers and HR providers to effectively and efficiently manage their recruiting process and candidate journey. This includes, for example, creating a database of candidates, managing and publishing job advertisements, processing applications, inviting and declining applicants, creating talent pools, and more.

Different terms

When it comes to applicant management systems, many different terms are used. Terms such as Applicant Management System, ATS (Applicant Tracking System), Recruiting Software, Staffing & Recruiting Software or HR System are used for the same product.

Why your hospitality business need an ATS

An ATS should always target two goals: First, it is to support the employer by optimizing both the recruiting process and the quality of the candidates. Second, it makes the application process effective and enjoyable for the candidate.

  • 1. Optimizing the application process and improving the quality of recruitment

An applicant management system offers employers or HR service providers the opportunity to optimize the application process. It ensures fast, accurate and easy processing of applicant data and applications during the application and recruitment process. A good system will help you work more efficiently and improve the quality of your candidates.

  • 2. It promotes a positive application experience

A good candidate management system is not just there to support the employer, but also the candidate. A positive application experience is an important goal of a recruiting system. It serves to structure the application process according to logical steps in order to make it as pleasant as possible for the applicants.

The candidate is at the centre and everything is designed to give him a lasting positive feeling towards the organization. If you do it right, even the rejected applicants will still think positively about your organization. The software does not only influence the employer brand, but also the image of the organization in general. For this reason, it is important never to underestimate the importance of a good application experience.

What does a good application management system offer?

It doesn’t make sense to give a long list of bullet points to show what and ATS can do. But you can think of workflow management, publishing jobs, reporting results and access to a database of applicants. Each provider had its own unique way of adding value. The most important is to find out what your business need and which features apply for you.

Finally, ATS systems are used by over 90% companies among the Fortune 500 list. This is because their company receives many of applicants every time they open a job vacancy. Your hospitality business is also no exception in this.

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