Where are you heading?

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Where are YOU heading? It’s one of life’s most intriguing questions. Imagine there is a place where you could go and in detail are being told where you are heading and how your life will unfold. Would you go?

Big Trees

Ask a little girl what she wants to become and 9 out of 10 times she will tell you that she wants to become a princess, nurse or teacher. Ask a boy and things like astronauts, fire fighters, policemen or pilot are common answers. I know, quite generalizing answers. But it’s the truth; kids in general don’t understand the gender concept, they don’t know their limitations, they don’t know how far they can go and they don’t see the danger in things which adults find terrifying. They focus on their ball rolling onto the road, but they don’t notice the cars coming from the left and right. The fear of adults for climbing the big tree in the back of the garden is unknown to kids. Telling them not the climb the tree is a right-out invitation to them. All they see is a great place to play around, show their courage to their friends, discover the miracles of nature and test their strength. Nothing more, nothing less. They are not afraid to fall and brake a few bones. That’s because they don’t know the concept of breaking a few bones. They never experienced the pain of falling down and humiliation is a word that’s not yet been written in their dictionary.


How different is that with adults. Doing ‘crazy’ stuff ends after graduation from uni. The fear of humiliation and therefore not doing things is etched into every brainwave and fibre of your body. Climbing trees? Are you mad? You could fall! Running after a ball onto the road? Not before we’ve closed the road to safely cross the street to pick up the ball. Too many people do things, or avoid them because somehow, they’ve programmed themselves that “this isn’t for me” or “this is too difficult”, “it’s dangerous!”, “that’s not what people expect from me”. All symptoms for something that I call the ‘RFRN’ (Run by Fear Results in Nothing) disease. It’s a highly infectious, non-curable, disease striking about 94% of the world population.

The 6 percent

The 6% of the ‘survivors’ are the ones who somehow have beaten the fear for humiliation, failure, danger and difficulties. They go and build sand castles (without being afraid that the sea will claim them back), they build unicorns because they have a brilliant idea and find ways to make it happen instead of thinking “this is going to be too difficult”. They have an idea and if it fails one way, they continue and try another way and continue till they succeed. If Henry Ford hadn’t continued to pursue his dream and passion the world would have never known the Ford Motor Company, steering wheels in cars would still be in the middle in stead of the left and the Indianapolis 500 wouldn’t be as popular as it’s nowadays. Not many people know this, but Henry Ford was one of the early backers of the Indie 500.

Emotional Rollercoaster

I like to believe I’m the one of the 6% as well. Of course, I know the feelings and emotions that come with doing new and crazy stuff, setting up new businesses and creating things new to this world. I know the feeling of uncertainty, the fear for failure, I’ve asked myself many times the question “am I on the right path?”. However, if there would be a place where I would be told where I’m heading and how my life would unfold I would stay miles away from that place, avoid it like the black death! That’s because I enjoy the travel more then the destination. Is it difficult, uneasy, uncomfortable, emotional, challenging and fearful? Definitely!

Is it a trip I want to continue? Yes! That’s because I’ve chosen for this journey and I’m sure that looking back one day I know exactly that I’ve made the right decision.


In my line of work, I notice that people nowadays find it difficult to determine whether it’s time for a career switch. Because of “the mortgage”, “the kids”, “my permanent contract”, “the security I have in my job” and many other reasons. To all those people I would like to shout: “Don’t let expectations imposed by yourself, the people around you or society let you down!”.

That’s why we’ve founded Hospitables, the job board dedicated to you! You, Hospitality professional. Designed for, by and with Hospitality companies we offer you a very wide variety of jobs in hospitality worldwide. Don’t waste your potential and find the place where you can fully utilize your talents!

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