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We know that with Hospitables we are on the right track and that it will be a success. We are in it to disrupt the market in the advantage of the hospitality industry, to put the industry in the driver’s seat when it matters. We want to unite the industry, create, build and develop the means for talent acquisition worldwide and share the profit.

Create, Build & Develop

Hospitables is a revolutionary job board, specifically focussed on the hospitality professional and the hospitality industry. It is designed for and by the industry based on qualified interviews. So it is exactly what you need and what you are lacking right now. Hospitables wants to unite hotels worldwide and create your own job board. “Let’s create, build and develop together and share the profit” is the motto.


Making the first statement that it will be a success might sound cocky, but we’ve got the proof. Not only from the industry itself who tells us so but also from The Next Web (TNW) who has selected Hospitables to participate in the 2016 TNW Boost program!

The Next Web

TNW is a leading brand for Technology and Innovation news worldwide. They organize several conferences around the globe each year. During the TNW Conference Europe 2016 over 20.000 industry leading speakers, entrepreneurs, media and venture capitalists from all over the globe gather to discuss the latest developments and ideas from the Technology and Innovation sector.

TNW Boost Program

Starting in 2014 TNW introduced its Boost program. It’s a program dedicated to accelerate, grow and support the most promising start-ups from all over the world. Putting them in front of an audience, help them attract attention from the media and support these start-ups with a wide variety to tools to gain momentum.

Different than other start-up programs; to be selected in the TNW Boost program one first has to go through a selection round based on the ideas, than an interview round and finally a discussion session where a selection is made about the selected start-ups.


As one might expect, hearing the news about the TNW Boost program really gave us a boost! We are determined to make Hospitables a success, not just for ourselves but for the hospitality industry and the great professionals that makes this industry so attractive!

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