The Job Ad is dead. Long live the Job Ad-vertisement!

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In too many cases employers spend tons of money on advertisements to sell their products or services to their consumers. In a time where “Content is king” and “Sex Sells” rich images and videos are published on social media channels, Youtube and even in the ‘traditional’ media this is standard practice for businesses.

But in a time where there is a “War for Talent”, the most un-sexy job ads are utilized by these same businesses. For some reason; while everybody has their mouth full of “we need great staff” limited funding is made available and old school methods are used to reach, enthuse and attract applicants.

“we are looking for 2 experienced bartenders for Pool Bar and Banquet within the hotel. Experience required: ability to maintain good coordination while serving/preparing orders quickly. Experience as bartender for a minimum of 1 year in Pool Bar or Banquet. Requires good English communication skills”.

This is a Job Ad I’ve found online. After reading this, are you eager to apply? I’m not. As I wrote before; Job Ads are dead!

Annual budgets

I find it difficult to understand that hotels spend a lot of money on the physical part of the hotel but don’t make money available to reach, enthuse and attract the great people that make your guests want to come back or not.

I know of a hotel that has a annual budget for flowers of € 50.000. Their yearly hiring budget? A mere € 3.000. When I spoke with them about this big difference they also told me that they have over 50 vacancies every year and are struggling to find enough “adequate” staff. Adequate…not good or great…no…adequate. How can you provide a 5 star service to your guests then? And hold up all the promises of excellence they make on their website and in their commercial advertisements when your staff is only “adequate”?

In most hospitality companies recruitment, employer branding and employer communication are not every day business. This has as result that knowledge and insight, which influence this has on the company are not top notch.

Simply uploading a job description when asked to publish a Job Ad is not how it works anymore.

It’s 2018!

Successful recruitment nowadays is a combination of extensive knowledge about the market your restaurant or hotel is operating in, the developments in this market, (online) marketing, employer branding & communication, knowledge and experience in recruitment and psychology. The trick is to reach them when and where they are, to enthuse them about your business, to create a sense of urgency that they need to work there, be proud of the company and have them apply. In a time where everybody is checking out rich and sexy content on Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, Pinterest or Youtube, I dare simply state that flat text with a dry job description on a white background is so 1999!

Job Ad-vertisements

That’s why we at Hospitables introduce: Job Ad-vertisements. Job Ad-vertisements are Job Ads written to market you and your vacancies to the people out there using rich, sexy and appealing content. Not just telling them what they are going to do and what it takes but more why they should work for you. It’s about marketing you as an employer, branding yourself and communicating to the world “this is us! Come and work with us”. The same your business does when it runs a marketing campaign aimed at selling your product and services, but this time aimed at your future employees, the people that make or break our industry.

We at Hospitables understand that recruitment is essential for all hospitality companies worldwide and we have combined over 45 years hospitality recruitment. That’s why we’ve built something unique for the benefit of the industry. We’ve built a job board dedicated to the worldwide hospitality industry enabling you to create and post your own Job Ad-vertisements.

Research has been done

Research has shown that by using rich content about you as employer you can foster deeper engagement, increase loyalty and reach higher application rates. At Hospitables you can publish your vacancies the way you want, with text or videos. All vacancies are published and branded using your images and logos. This way you can reach, enthuse and attract future employees. Employer branding and marketing has never been easier!

I can already hear people think “that must be expensive”. Not at all! The hotel mentioned earlier would have plenty of money left on their recruitment budget after they subscribed for our services. For that they can post an unlimited number of jobs and internships and unlimited is really unlimited.

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