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Have you ever wondered to what extent your personal privacy is important to you? And also, what does it actually mean for you? Whenever you Google “privacy” a few things pop up; a definition, which basically comes down to your specific personal environment, and second; a warning by Google stressing the importance of safety and […]


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In big parts of the world you can leave your car and house unlocked without a problem. Either these parts are so remote that nobody goes there without a good reason or there is efficient social control. In other parts of the world leaving your bike, car or house unlocked will result in theft or […]

Generation “Data”

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I love stats! I love them! A large quantity of data brought back to some diagrams, graphs and even better: infographics, the best of them all! I actually bought a book with nothing else in there than all kinds of infographics about all kinds of topics. Data and the results that make infographics give you […]