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We all can think of an example in our personal or business life that disrupted our normal way of behaviour. According to the dictionary a disruption is “to (be) throw(n) into confusion or disorder and to break apart or alter so as to prevent normal or expected functioning”.


Thinking business I remember and still see every day how and AirBnB disrupted the hospitality industries business model. It affects the revenue and the profit of hotels.

Sometimes, just sometimes you can watch the birth of such a revolution or disrupter from close up. Even more rare is there the possibility to be in the driver’s seat and be in control of what is happening within your industry.

Build & Share

Watch the birth of Hospitables. Hospitables is a revolutionary job board, specifically focussed on the hospitality industry. It is designed for and by the industry based on qualified interviews. So it is exactly what you need and what you are lacking right now. Hospitables wants to unite hotels worldwide and create your own job board. “Let’s share the profit and create, build and develop together” is the motto.

Nowadays everybody is talking about excluding intermediaries because of their costs, but everybody is using 3rd party disrupter. Hotels are paying somewhere along the line of over 20% commission to and they are being “politely informed” by a legal firm that they are not allowed to use a parity tool on their own website to inform guests that it’s cheaper to book directly. How about that contradiction?

Snowden & Co.

Privacy is a major concern for people after the Wikileaks and Snowden files. Yet nobody reads the small print in privacy statements. Nobody knows which data he is giving up, trust us, you don’t want to know! When applying online all kinds of data is requested, for what and who? If you have a vacancy posted and somebody applies, that data should be yours, not theirs so that they can sell it again.

At Hospitables candidates don’t have to sign up and leave their precious personal data up for grabs, it’s your data. Hospitables uses extra secured SSL-encryption technology for everybody’s privacy and protection. The same technology used by your bank for your online payments.

Startup: let’s unite

All job boards are costs, Hospitables is an investment. Not only because participants get a share of the profit but also because they will disrupt the market in their advantage. Be in the driver’s seat when it matters. Unite and gain an edge!

Hospitables: the new Jobs & Careers platform for, by and with Hospitality professionals.

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