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In big parts of the world you can leave your car and house unlocked without a problem. Either these parts are so remote that nobody goes there without a good reason or there is efficient social control.

In other parts of the world leaving your bike, car or house unlocked will result in theft or uninvited visitors. In general, people tend to take great care in the protection of their property and personal details. No wonder that in the US you will encounter people defending and protecting their property with guns and rifles and that you are instructed to “keep your passport on your person at all times”.


When it comes down to our ‘online life’ people tend to behave in a completely different way. Data breaches, hacks, identity theft, Nigerian 419 scams, phishing and spam mails are only possible because we thread lightly with our online safety & security.

If somebody would come up to me in the streets and asks me all kinds of personal data such as my house address, phone number, e-mail address, social security number, if I am married, where I worked before, how much money I make AND that they need a copy of my passport I would call the police right away and start to run!

Hand it over!

But when that happens online…on a job board…people give out that information and much more without blinking with their eyes! Huh?!? You are required to accept the Terms & Conditions but whoever reads them, right…, so they are accepted right away. See the contradiction? With guns and arms we protect our property and privacy but online; we just hand it over to the first one asking for it.

Apparently people have so much trust in job boards and is the need that high to land a new job that all principles and restrictions are thrown away in an instant. It’s as if the police officer is living in a house without locks while he’s going door to door to make everybody aware of the dangers lurking out there.

It’s mine!

Why am I asking myself: do only few people really care about their private and personal data online? I recon it’s a false sense of feeling secure from behind your computer, they can’t see me so they can’t do me any harm. Well, I would strongly argue you to think twice next time you are on a job board and have a scroll through the small printed Terms & Conditions. Just to give a hint: you give them permission to sell your private and personal data to anyone who is willing to pay their price! How do you feel right now?


At Hospitables we feel that your data is and remains yours. We don’t even want it. If you apply, your data is transferred directly and encrypted to the hotel you applied at, not to anybody else. We use SSL certificates to protect your data, the same encryption and standard used by banks for online payments. That’s hospitable right?

Privacy & Security are key for us, just as it should be in the real world!

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