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How loyal are you? Did you ever asked yourself that question? And with loyal I mean: how loyal are you to a particular brand, store, airline, hotel chain or anything else?

The reason for asking that question is because yesterday I counted my loyalty cards and came to the conclusion that over 22 different companies count of my ‘loyalty’. Not only do I have 3 loyalty cards for various airline alliances, 4 petrol stations and 5 wholesalers. I am also counted on by IKEA, my local pet store, the local butcher shop, the super market and various online shops.

Welcome back

Now, if you are a hotel: if you stay 25 nights a year or more in my hotel I am better going to keep you happy. I am going to give you free goodies, free upgrades, bring you your favourite newspaper, serve your breakfast in your room and iron your shirt for free. Why? Because you are already here! It’s way easier and cheaper to keep a happy customer than to acquire a new one.

My pet store

To give an example: my local pet store surprised me in the most positive way earlier this week. Because one of my cats developed an allergic reaction to their regular food, my pet store reimbursed (without any question!) me for the bag of food that I bought the week before. Now, how’s that creating loyalty!

I can still name quiet some examples on how to create loyalty, just have a look at some of the video clips uploaded by KLM for example. Creating loyalty is much more difficult than to throw somebody of.

Creating loyalty

At Hospitables we try to create loyalty as well. We try to bind candidates to our Jobs & Careers platform for the Hospitality Industry but we try to do the same thing with the companies we work with. To create loyalty from our candidates our mission is to feature the best, most challenging and attractive jobs.

To create loyalty from our Industry partners we focus on attracting and reaching the best employees and to offer them the best job boards there is; in terms of user-friendliness and offering them the best way of employer branding.


To offer our Industry partners we have created an attractive financial incentive. Become our partner and we’ll give you a share in the profit! Why? Because as a ‘shareholder’ you can exercise influence on how we run the business. You can help us, helping you (remember Jerry Maguire?) become better. Hospitables is definitely the Jobs & Careers platform for the Hospitality professionals for, by and with the industry!

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