How to attract and retain employees

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Having happy employees in your company will have direct benefits in the annual results. According to a study by the University of Warwick, a happy employee is 12% more productive, while an unhappy employee is 10% less. There is no definitive formula for having a happy employee since each employee is unique. However, there are certain variables that, well applied to our employees, will help our company and its ecosystem to be a happy place to work. 

Why companies struggle to attract and retain their employees 

The rotation of personnel has a significant impact on the team and involves higher economic effects than you assume. When excessive rotation occurs, the team must make a critical analysis of why this phenomenon occurs and take measures to stop the situation. The most common causes of rotation are: 

  • Inadequate supervision
  • Unfavourable labour climate 
  • Lack of job growth
  • Better salaries
  • Unsatisfactory work for the employee
  • Inadequate selection process

Essential Keys to Attract Great Talents 

Before implementing any strategy to attract the best professionals, we must know at what point the company is regarding the management of professionals. First, of all, realize why it is necessary to invest in talent and what resources are required or what objectives are intended to achieve. However, how to attract and retain good talents for your hospitality business? 

Encourage the process of adaptation 

When talent reaches a company, we must take care of it from the beginning. While the process of adaptation lasts, it is essential that people have an instructor to support them and guide them to take their first steps in the company. It would help if you favoured the integration in the team, to make you feel part of it. 

Offer competitive salaries 

Although there are different aspects that workers value equal wages, an attractive salary can become a significant factor for them to stay. Offering social benefits, such as health insurance coverage or transportation, also adds value. 

Be flexible  

Being able to reconcile work and personal life is, without doubt, one of the things that employees value most. Highlighting as a company that encourages flexibility at work favours talent knocking on the door. How to do it? With flexible schedules, offering the possibility of working from home, or working for special projects. 

Promote leadership  

A leader motivates and guides employees. It has a direct impact on maintaining a communicative team, to be able to coordinate. Another critical point is trust, which must occur among all workers. Transparency and sincerity when communicating decisions, actions or information about the company are aspects that directly affect this point. 

Listen to your employees 

Communication is essential to know how workers value your company. The best way to tell if your employees are happy or not is to ask them directly. This way, you could get socially desirable answers.  

You can use simple questions such as: 

– How was your work last quarter?  

– Do you have a lot of work to do?  

– Would you highlight something? 

Celebrate collective achievements 

There is no doubt that celebrating something special makes us happy, and there are many reasons to celebrate. Successes, new clients, the completion of projects, and more. Take advantage of these essential events to gather your team in the restaurant. We must involve all the staff in that positive state, no matter what role they have in a company. This strategy, undoubtedly, will help to ease tensions and favour a pleasant environment.

Sometimes, reading this kind of tips is not enough to solve your problems. If you have questions about attracting and retaining your hospitality employers feel free to connect.  

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