Bring it on 2016!

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This time of the year is special. The roads are empty, people are spending quality time with friends and family and the TV is broadcasting movies and flashbacks to events happened this year. In the office the phone doesn’t ring that often, people are catching up on work that should have been done ages ago and cleaning the office so that they can start the new year fresh.

It’s a great time to reflect on the previous year. What have I done, what could be done better and what should I have done. People set goals and resolutions for the next year and what they want to accomplish.

New Year’s Resolutions

These resolutions range from stopping with smoking, go to the gym more often, spend more quality time with the family or to landing a new job. According to a survey by a large job board over 20% of all employees is determined to land a new job in 2016. If you look at the millennial employees, over 30% of them is expecting to land a new job!

Back in the Old Days

Remember those days we studied at one of the Hotel schools? Part of the curriculum was the working experienced we gained, either in the restaurant or hotel of the school but moreover in real life situations during our internships somewhere in the world. Nobody complained that we worked (almost) free of charge for lengthy hours. Why? Because everybody was convinced about the added benefits and skills that we gathered during those days. It shaped us, we gathered the needed experience to land dream jobs after we graduated and let’s be honest: we had the time of our lives!

I did one of my stints in Scotland, it was a blast! Yes, we worked 60 hours a week, the pay was ridiculous but even now, almost 13 years later I still remember clearly the parties, special events, “strange” things that happened but most of all; I still use the skills learned there every single day in my life!

It’s an Investment

The point being: it’s common to spend time investing in yourself, developing yourself, learning new tricks and skills, the desire to be challenged, be meaningful and in general make a contribution, both for yourself and the company you are working for. That’s why people want to land a new job. Not because they are unhappy or unsatisfied, employers should realize that.


Unfortunately most New Year’s resolutions are trashed on January 2nd because it requires courage and determination to act and make a real difference in your life. If you make yourself, or somebody, else a promise it requires principle to fulfil that promise. We at Hospitables will give you no longer an excuse not to act when it comes to landing a new job.

Hospitable for Life

We are starting the Jobs & Careers platform for Hospitality professionals who want to make a difference, who want to invest in themselves, develop themselves, be challenged and meaningful. We are serious about hospitality, about people who breath and live it. We put you in control but will always be there for you to keep you on the right track. We have a New Year’s resolution as well: we promise to be there for you!

And that’s why I am saying: Bring it on 2016!

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