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This term only already makes plenty of large enterprises shiver. The reason for it makes complete sense; what if someone, with a completely different background than you, has a great idea, resulting in a complete demolishment of your industry, business model and thus profit. It sounds rather ridiculous, but what is really happening? Oceans These […]


Where are you heading?

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Where are YOU heading? It’s one of life’s most intriguing questions. Imagine there is a place where you could go and in detail are being told where you are heading and how your life will unfold. Would you go? Big Trees Ask a little girl what she wants to become and 9 out of 10 […]



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Have you ever wondered to what extent your personal privacy is important to you? And also, what does it actually mean for you? Whenever you Google “privacy” a few things pop up; a definition, which basically comes down to your specific personal environment, and second; a warning by Google stressing the importance of safety and […]