Bring it on 2016!

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This time of the year is special. The roads are empty, people are spending quality time with friends and family and the TV is broadcasting movies and flashbacks to events happened this year. In the office the phone doesn’t ring that often, people are catching up on work that should have been done ages ago […]


Sustainability in Hospitality

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Recently the world presented a “landmark climate change agreement” after a two-week conference in Paris. The plan was hailed as a milestone in the battle to “keep Earth Hospitable for human life”. Green standards When it comes to sustainability and green initiatives in the hospitality industry one literally falls over all the different badges, standards […]



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Everybody has a dream, big or small, nearly there or just starting on their path towards it. The only way to reach your dream is by investing in yourself, be in the lead, believe in it and be willing to die for it. It’s about creating the circumstances or person you want to be. Sometimes […]


TNW Boost Program

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We know that with Hospitables we are on the right track and that it will be a success. We are in it to disrupt the market in the advantage of the hospitality industry, to put the industry in the driver’s seat when it matters. We want to unite the industry, create, build and develop the […]


Startup Hospitables

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We all can think of an example in our personal or business life that disrupted our normal way of behaviour. According to the dictionary a disruption is “to (be) throw(n) into confusion or disorder and to break apart or alter so as to prevent normal or expected functioning”. Disrupt Thinking business I remember and still […]