How to attract and retain employees

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Having happy employees in your company will have direct benefits in the annual results. According to a study by the University of Warwick, a happy employee is 12% more productive, while an unhappy employee is 10% less. There is no definitive formula for having a happy employee since each employee is unique. However, there are […]


Why you need an Applicant Tracking System

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An applicant management system is a software application that enables employers and HR providers to effectively and efficiently manage their recruiting process and candidate journey. This includes, for example, creating a database of candidates, managing and publishing job advertisements, processing applications, inviting and declining applicants, creating talent pools, and more. Different terms When it comes […]


Job boards, are they still useful?

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Long story short. Job boards: it’s all about the right audience and the volume.   Why some job boards don’t work  Common perception: they are passive and expensive. Posting a job on several boards; waiting hours or days is not the way to go. Also, many job boards ask a high price per job ad. Rates […]


You want a job? You need a plan!

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Looking for work can be a job in itself. You need a perfect CV, interview preparation, cover letters, even presentation. It would help if you have it organized. That is why we have compiled 8 steps that will help you further. Open an excel sheet for yourself to make your job search as organised as […]


Team spirit

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Noun [ U ] A feeling of belonging together that the members of a group have towards others in the group A way of thinking and acting that shows loyalty to your team and its members I had to think about ‘team spirit’ and the value of teams after I recently read several interviews with […]


Personality vs. Resume

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When it comes down to preparing for a job interview we all do our utmost best. You dress nicely, you wear your favourite perfume, chosen because it is not “too overwhelming”, you do not smoke beforehand, you speak politely, you are on time; Ready. To. Rumble. During the interview you show the best of yourself, […]



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This term only already makes plenty of large enterprises shiver. The reason for it makes complete sense; what if someone, with a completely different background than you, has a great idea, resulting in a complete demolishment of your industry, business model and thus profit. It sounds rather ridiculous, but what is really happening? Oceans These […]


Where are you heading?

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Where are YOU heading? It’s one of life’s most intriguing questions. Imagine there is a place where you could go and in detail are being told where you are heading and how your life will unfold. Would you go? Big Trees Ask a little girl what she wants to become and 9 out of 10 […]



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Have you ever wondered to what extent your personal privacy is important to you? And also, what does it actually mean for you? Whenever you Google “privacy” a few things pop up; a definition, which basically comes down to your specific personal environment, and second; a warning by Google stressing the importance of safety and […]


The Job Ad is dead. Long live the Job Ad-vertisement!

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In too many cases employers spend tons of money on advertisements to sell their products or services to their consumers. In a time where “Content is king” and “Sex Sells” rich images and videos are published on social media channels, Youtube and even in the ‘traditional’ media this is standard practice for businesses.